A VA position is generally full-time – it is often hard to share the hours and expect a part-time person to have the specific skills to meet the requirements of two independent businesses. However, we recommend choosing an outsourcing company with a team of in-house team of experts in Social Media Strategy, Web Design and Development, Graphics etc. that can be called on to set up specific projects and work with your VA ( ie setting up a Website ) . Once the foundation sites are set up – your VA can update your social media sites, add text to your website etc. But we recommend that you use an expert in-house team to set up the foundations, to ensure your brand looks professional. It is important to hire a VA for the regular ongoing role, rather than recruit a more experienced VA who may get bored longer term.

The cost of Outsourcing varies among different outsourcing companies, depending on the level of support your VA is given.

1. Some companies expect you to train your VA in all aspects of your business and they take a hands-off “bum on seat” approach. This is the cheapest option – if you know what needs to be done and don’t require assistance.

2. Managed VA – there are a few companies that offer in-house training on a regular basis to ensure your VA is proactive and can suggest strategies, follow templates in social media etc. to assist you with tasks that you don’t have the expertise in yourself. We recommend this approach – to pay a little more but to have a VA that can promote strategies and call on a specialised internal team for support rather than relying on you and taking up your time.

In general a VA is about ⅓ of the cost of hiring in Australia.

To ensure your outsourcing is a success, you need to spend time upfront setting the right expectations, give clear instructions and offer feedback. Don’t overload your member at start. As time goes on – you will find that your VA will get to know your working style and take on more of the administration / specialised tasks in your business.