About Us


We help you achieve a balanced life

by providing our clients with a value-added, end to end, managed, personalised service at a fair price, delivering excellence through happy and collaborated teams. We do this by recruiting qualified, dedicated offshore staff in the Philippines overseen locally by Australian professionals


Our aim is to support you throughout the offshore journey, by sharing our vast experience in offshoring and business processes, to get  the best result for you and your team. Our experience covers:


Angela Beale - Founder ​

Angie shares her knowledge of over 35 years working as: 

Angie takes time to understand your goals and business pain points before embarking on recruitment to ensure you have the right team member for long term success. Angie can provide expert business solutions advice, set up your systems and processes and get you ready for outsourcing. Time invested at the start can make a long term difference to outsourcing success. 

Beryl Leeb-du Toit - CEO ​

Beryl has a passion to drive success through effective management training and to build collaboration through empowering teams. Beryl focuses on ensuring the remote working environment is a success by sharing over 20 years of experience in global Human Resource roles across major IT technology companies and professional services organisations, working with culturally diverse teams and in highly complex and dynamic environments.
  • Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Industrial Psychology and Business Economics.
  • Post graduate qualification in Industrial Relations.
  • Senior Human Resources Manager, PwC Consulting.
  • Senior Human Resources and Talent Management experience at IBM.
Beryl has delivered programs and change initiatives and is involved in your entire outsourcing process from role description, induction to ongoing monthly support meetings.

Phil Kerrigan - Coach

Given how uncertain the future can be, you must know your purpose and  be aligned to your strategic objectives. Phil has a proven portfolio of skills in leadership and change management:


How we can help you get started

We believe that long term success in outsourcing comes from identifying goals and reducing risk.

  • Clear role definitions with defined outcomes and expectations
  • Open and active conversations
  • Using proven online systems
  • Documented and constantly updating processes
  • Providing constructive feedback 
  • Rewarding success
  • Checking and knowing the SUCCESS metrics
  • Ensuring LOCAL team “buy in” for positive team collaboration

What do we ask from you

  • At Offshore Virtual Assistants we pride ourselves on our positive culture. This  is the result of setting clear expectations, offering valuable feedback and working closely with our clients and team members to address any issues quickly and openly. 
  • We take the time initially to work with us to understand your current business challenges and help you to select the best tasks to outsource.
  • We are that you are open-minded to accept that change is inevitable. We try to simplify our approach and guide you through the process. 
  • Approaching this journey with a positive mind to accept change, 
  • Offer Feedback by  working with your offshore team member to teach your business processes and offering constructive feedback and appreciation
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