Thriving Together: An Unforgettable Experience of OVA Members at the IGrowConference

We’re excited to share the incredible experience an OVA team members had at the recent IGrow in Cebu, Philippines. . It was an event filled with inspiration, learning, and memorable moments. 

Joan, an OVA team member, had the pleasure of attending the conference alongside our dedicated Offshore Virtual Assistants’ CEO, Angie Beale, and our client, Lisa Stoneham. The event proved to be a treasure trove of insights and takeaways.

From Joan:

The Biggest Room in the World: The Room for Improvement

One of the most impactful lessons from the IGrowConference was the idea that “the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.” This resonated deeply, reminding us all that life is not about achieving perfection but about continuous growth. The essence of teamwork was beautifully described in the saying, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Taking Initiative and Embracing Honesty

A significant part of our professional development involves taking initiative. Whether it’s a simple task or a more complex one, stepping up without waiting for instructions can make a huge difference. For more time-consuming tasks, offering a few options can be a great approach.

Admitting mistakes to clients can be challenging, but the conference emphasised the importance of honesty. While it might hurt temporarily, telling the truth builds trust and integrity, far outweighing the fleeting relief of a lie.

Dressing for Success in the Virtual World

Even in a virtual setting, dressing professionally can boost confidence and productivity. It enhances communication and helps cultivate a strong presence. The conference highlighted that it only takes three seconds to grab someone’s attention, making first impressions crucial.

Financial Resilience and Social Media Strategies

We gained valuable money management tips to ensure financial stability. Understanding our financial situation, setting clear goals, and developing smart spending habits are key to building resilience.

Moreover, we learned effective strategies to help our clients boost their social media presence. Creating content that enhances visibility and generates enquiries is essential. This includes customising products and marketing efforts to align with client preferences and audience needs. We also received practical advice on managing and supporting clients’ LinkedIn presence.

Inspiring Moments and Personal Growth

One of the highlights was a session with Lisa McInnes-Smith. Her personal stories and dynamic activities, including dancing and exercises, inspired us to clear past hurdles and bring out the best in ourselves. Volunteering on stage, receiving a complimentary book, and getting her autograph was an unforgettable experience.

Building Connections and Expressing Gratitude

Meeting and connecting with virtual assistants from across the Philippines and other Australians was a remarkable experience. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dale Beaumont  for organising this fantastic event. A special shoutout to Angie, Mia, and Lisa for their support and care during the conference.

The Power of Up-skilling and Community at OVA

At OVA, we believe in the transformative power of up-skilling and continuous learning. Events like IGrowConference are a testament to our commitment to investing in our team members’ growth. By providing these opportunities, we not only enhance individual skills but also strengthen our collective capability.

The IGrowConference was more than just an event; it was a journey of growth, learning, and connection. Learning and connecting with virtual assistants from all over the Philippines and meeting other Australians was an incredible experience! 

A huge thank you to Angie, Mia, and Lisa for organising and taking care of us during our stay at the conference.

At OVA, we are dedicated to fostering a vibrant community where team members can learn, share, and grow together. This sense of community is integral to our success, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and supported. 

Here’s to continuous improvement, teamwork, and the thriving community at OVA!